ra#0002 – Image of the Invisible, Re-Education, Let It Rock

February 9, 2009

Image of the Invisible
Artist: Thrice

Grunge is dead, for the most part. The era has come and passed, but Thrice tries to spark a light once more to the Grunge genre with IotI. The song caught my ear because, while it has a dark undertone, one that says “No one pays attention to us but we, quite frankly, don’t give a shit”, it really brings a sense of unity to the listener, it’s like an anthem for the unheard. This song is something that everyone can relate to at some point in there life, the idea that we’re just another statistic, another fish in the sea, invisible.

ra rating:  7.5/10
[ iTunes ]

Re-Education (Through Labor)
Artist: Rise Against

Rise Against is at it again, this time, with a piece more heavy hitting than any of their others. Like Rage Against The Machine, Rise Against usually always has a political undertone with their lyrics and while I won’t digress into the meaning of the song, despite it’s heavy sound, it’s quite sad. Despite that, the sound of the song is a bit reminiscent some of Sum 41’s music, as someone pointed out to me, with a bit more rawness to it while still maintaining originality. Anyways, the song is quite good and a great single for their newest album (Appeal to Reason).

ra rating: 9/10
[ iTunes ]

Let It Rock
Artist: Kevin Rudolph & Lil’ Wayne

Normally, I would never… ever… condone listening to something by Lil’ Wayne, because the guy has one of the most annoying voices I have ever heard, aside from his rapping, which is also utter crap. But there’s no denying that this song is a great dance song, with a catchy techno beat and chorus, and it’s just simply fun. It’s something that you can roll down you car windows and let loose with. Kevin Rudolph does have a good voice and knows his audience. making this song attractive to almost anyone, even those, like me, who can’t stand Lil’ Wayne (who also isn’t that terrible in this song).

ra rating: 8/10
[ iTunes ]


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